Today in the Clinic the Institution operates:
• Department of Nephrology, Dialysis and IT Support;
• Department of intensive care of critically ill.
Hospitalization of patients in the clinic departments of the Institution occurs after examination in the office of outpatient reception in the direction of the Ministry of Health, health departments of the city regional, city administrations, regional hospitals, other institutions and self-referencing. The clinic has 26 beds for 24-hour stay and 24 beds for a day stay, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, an ultrasound clinic (performed by ultrasound of the kidneys, organs of the abdomen, vessels, heart, pelvic organs). 58 patients are treated with renal substitution therapy (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis). Patients with acute kidney damage are treated in the intensive care unit of critically ill patients based on the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery.
Monthly specialized nephrology help in the hospital receive 80-100 patients with acute and chronic kidney disease, more than 20 punctory kidney biopsies are performed.
Main directions of clinical units work:
1. diagnostics and treatment of urinary system infections; including those associated with gynecological diseases;
2. development of new methods of diagnostics of primary and secondary lesions of the kidneys;
3. diagnostics and treatment of non-infectious diseases of the kidneys and their morphological verification;
4. Diagnosis and treatment of acute kidney damage;
5. conducting clinical trials of new medical products.

Employees of clinical departments of the Institution:
• Head of Nephrology, Dialysis and IT Department Nataliia Aleksieieva
• Head of the intensive care department of critically ill Valeriia Romanova
• nephrology doctor Nataliia Stashevska
• nephrology doctor Liudmyla Surzhko
• nephrology doctor Yuliia Hurina
• nephrology doctor Olena Burdeina
• nephrology doctor, Ph.D. Maryna Velychko
• nephrology doctor, Ph.D. Liudmyla Snisar
• gynecologist, Ph.D. Larisa Lebid