Larysa Lebid Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

L. Lebid. has been working at the Institute since 2003, has the highest qualification category in obstetrics and gynecology (2011), 26 years of clinical and 14 years of scientific experience.

L. Lebid annually takes part with reports at the National Scientific and Practical Conferences. Member of the National Kidney Foundation. She is the author of 45 published works.

L. Lebid carries out a consultative reception of patients in the clinic of the State Institution “Institute of Nephrology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” at the address: 04050. Kyiv, ul. Dehtyarivskya 17V, (0 44) 225 93 76.

Contact information: phone: (0 44) 225 93 86, e-mail: